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Hey everyone!!! So Melissa here, telling you how to start knitting right away! Here are some tips I've learned over the years about knitting, and there are a lot more. Hope you enjoy them!! 1. Yarn is MONEY! I know, you're thinking you're going to love it and your Grandma's going to love you, but it's not the case, yarn is expensive and most of it is a rip-off if you don't know what you're doing. It's okay to take a class, but I'd recommend buying a really cheap pattern book or even a used book off of Amazon or Etsy first. You can buy the yarn for it, but if you don't know what you're doing, you can't do anything with the yarn. 2. Take a class! It's free, right? I really recommend knitting classes if you're interested. They're great, but you'll have to be comfortable with everything you're learning. 3. DO YOUR RESEARCH! Go on Ravelry and look up the patterns you like, try to find reviews, anything you can to make sure you're doing it right. See if you can take a class that you're interested in, or read a tutorial on a website. It's okay to try something out, but don't buy a new project because you think it'll be easy and the yarn will be cheap and pretty. 4. RIPPING! I'm sure I made this clear, but you have to rip it out! It sucks, but you'll learn what you're doing and I promise you it will be worth it. Sometimes it's not just a regular knit or a purl, it's purling over a stitch, or slanting in another direction, or you get the whole thing out of alignment and end up with a whole load of stitches on the back side that you have to frog. These are all things that can be taught through practice and experience, and you can only learn them by doing it. Ripping things out is just part of the learning process, so I'll accept that there is no way around it. 5. DRY YARN! This one isn't really knitting related, but it is a matter of practice. I remember getting a ball of yarn that I wanted to use for a long time, and then watching it dry up. You've got to use it, or you'll get loads of little bunches of yarn everywhere




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{ALA - Little Melissa 34 Sets !!!}
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